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Profitability, productivity, reliability and flexibility are the foremost reasons to opt for virtual desktop hosting.  Desktop hosting is the ultimate tool for simplification—a single centrally managed ubiquitous desktop. Regardless of the size of your company virtual desktop hosting is less demanding on your IT infrastructure and IT management. In turn, these savings can be invested back into the business.

“More with less,” is the best way to describe virtual desktop hosting software. Now your IT team can say good-bye to many of the small but distracting IT issues that compromise their productivity. With direct and constant access to your favorite Microsoft Office software packages access to the office become transparent. With Windows desktop hosting the future is now!

Rest assured desktop hosting in the cloud is a safe, secure and reliable solution. We perform automated daily backups. Software updates and patches too. Windows desktop hosting is a leading edge tool that resolves many business technology challenges that were previous too expensive or too complex to overcome. Desktop hosting offers the flexibility as well as easy scalability. It gives individuals the ability to work from anywhere at anytime all while maintaining the look and feel of the traditional desktop environment. Furthermore, IT can easily add or delete users as business needs require.

Apps4Rent is a leader in Windows desktop hosting with plans starting at $24.95 per user/per month. Microsoft’s virtual desktop platform is a robust and superior solution that benefits from our state-of-the-art SAS 70 compliant data center. With redundant power supply, daily backups, superior connection to the internet backbone, and a team of expert professional 24/7 support staff to manage it all; Apps4Rent is well prepared to serve you.