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Virtual desktop cloud provides a solution that is the best of both worlds. From the technical side, the centralized hosting of cloud desktops streamlines IT’s workload by giving them the ability to remotely manage and maintain machines. At the same time, the PC/mobile device user gets a desktop that is always-on, available from everywhere and always the same look & feel. When both IT and end users can realize the benefit of simplicity and consistency business growth is soon to follow.

Apps4Rent’s desktop cloud platform allows enterprises to benefit from a cloud-based desktop environment without being burdened with the large upfront capital expenditures of traditional solutions. Our trusted and proven technology platform, as well as our in-house technical expertise enable us to offer value-prices and industry leading service and support.

The power and influence of the cloud continues to grow. The desktop model has been reinvented and it too is now cloud-based. Some will embrace the new model now and immediately begin to reap the benefits. Other will wait and will continue to be burdened with their legacy mindset. Will you be a leader of a follower?