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In a virtual desktop environment your access is secure and your data safely resides in the redundancy of the cloud. It replaces the 20th century physical PC desktop environment with an always-accessible “machine” where all your data remains centrally intact and the machine you access nearly maintenance-free. On contrary, remote desktop requires a dedicated physical machine running constantly if you want to access it—whether you do so or not. If for some reason the computer being accessed via remote desktop is turned off or worse, the hard drive has crashed, then your productivity will be immediately grind to a halt.

Also, when you replace remote desktop with a hosted desktop solution you’ll immediately eliminate the need for middle of the night phone calls to IT support trying to find someone who can go to the the office and reboot your remote desktop machine. Why waste your vacation time with such stressful distractions? Virtual desktop is everything you’ve always wanted remote desktop to be.

Apps4Rent is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with over a decade of experience in managing, supporting and supplementing corporate IT infrastructure.  Our technical support team is available 24/7 via chat, email and phone.  We offer virtual desktop plans start at $24.95 per month.  We don’t try to lock you into long term contracts—it’s a pay as you go model.  You also get free 7 day trial period.